Nautica Salpa was founded in 1984 and has more than 35 years of experience in the pleasure boat industry.

Entrepreneurial dynamism and technological innovation are the elements that characterize the activity of the SALPA construction site.

The shipyard has established itself in the yacht market with very high quality boats, thanks to advanced technology and a competitive price that has been achieved through the implementation of a prudent investment policy by promoting research and optimizing all stages of the production process.

The SALPA boats.They are the result of research and development carried out by the shipyard’s technical department in collaboration with “the Composite Materials Engineering Department of the University of Naples Federico II”.

Innovative aerospace technologies are widely applied for the first time in the navigation sector.

Excellent navigation qualities, high maneuverability, best performance, structural strength, weight optimization, reduced fuel consumption, implementation of innovative manufacturing processes (with low impact on the environment) The objectives achieved by the investment policy of the SALPA shipyard during the construction of the new production plant that required an investment of more than 13 million euros in 2008

Precise three-dimensional modeling of the ship’s hull, deck and superstructure was developed by the ‘house’ engineers during the creation, evolution and construction of each model. Much attention is paid to each boat produced, from the planning stage to the delivery stage, but also to the subsequent follow-up of the customer.

Safety, reliability, easy maintenance are the strengths of the philosophy that guides the design and construction of the Salpa shipyard.

Special care is taken in designing easy-to-maintain vessels that are capable of withstanding the test of time and retain original quality characteristics unchanged.

Salpa boats are the result of design and design achieved through the use of sophisticated applications and in the continuous search for elegant trends.

The shipyard now has a full range of high quality boats from 20 “to 52”, built in vacuum infusion with clean finishes. These boats are recognized for their marine qualities thanks to the evolved hull designs and are also known for their surprising habitability thanks to the intelligent and rational exploitation of spaces.

SALPA and one of the first and very rare Italian shipyards to have obtained the ISO 9001 Certificate . Each ship is built with great care from the design stage to the delivery stage.

The very advanced technology of the construction site and the commercial policy allow competitive selling prices without sacrificing the quality of the products.

These resolutely sporty boats are fully “customizable”, meaning that the owner chooses:

  • All interior and exterior upholstery
  • Colors and surface qualities,
  • Joint colors for teak,
  • The colors of the bathrooms and kitchen countertops,
  • But also wood species for floors, furniture, etc.